Aspen Opens New Location in Gonzales, TX

The year 2015 has been a milestone year for Aspen Beverage Group. We have seen growth in all major product lines and we continue to get great feedback from consumers. The biggest demand has been in the Cold Brew Coffee space where we’ve seen great traction.

The entire category is growing rapidly and as a result, Aspen has opened a new location in Gonzales, TX dedicated to providing the market with exceptional Cold Brew Coffee. “With the increased opportunity in Cold Brew, it was important for us to have a facility that gave us the capacity to meet this enormous demand,” says Chad McNair, CEO of Aspen Beverage.

The new Gonzales plant is overseen by Robert Lee who brings decades of food and beverage manufacturing experience to Aspen. Mark Nash, VP of Manufacturing at Aspen Beverage, praised the Gonzales team’s work saying, “Robert and his group have done a great job getting this new facility up and running. This is a big step for Aspen. We’re impressed with how they’ve taken ownership and brought production online.”

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