Get Ready for the Biggest Cold Brew Season Ever

Aspen’s cold brew is great on its own or with milk

With summer arriving and the weather heating up again, consumers are on the lookout for their chilled beverages of choice. Every day more people are discovering cold brew coffee, and demand shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. From small, independent coffee shops to the largest coffee names in the industry, everyone is working to get a cold brew coffee added to their menu. Cold brew adoption is quickly accelerating past the specialty coffee consumer into the mass market.

Cold Brew vs Iced Coffee

Extract and bottle your own cold brew all in one place

Extract and bottle your own cold brew all in one place

While standard iced coffee remains popular with consumers, it takes some dedicated work to produce a quality iced coffee consistently. For many, it’s just not practical to do so, which leads to the highly acidic, unpleasant iced coffees many people have experienced. Cold brew on the other hand takes time, but it solves that problem by providing a smooth, sweet taste with low acidity and a sweeter taste. Even better than that, cold brew lends itself well to creating large batches that can be stored and used when required. This makes it a win-win for the business and the consumer. The downside to cold brew is that a store needs to be able to anticipate demand a day in advance, since it takes at least 12-20 hours to brew; and if batches are inconsistent, that can sour customers’ perception. But this is where Aspen’s cold brew concentrate can make an incredible difference.

Total Convenience

Getting a cold brew to your customers doesn’t have to be a process. Aspen has spent years perfecting a cold brew recipe that makes a smooth iced beverage every time. Whether you want a cold brew concentrate to add to your food service lineup or a ready-to-drink bottle in grocery stores and convenience stores, Aspen’s cold brew can get you there immediately with a delicious, off-the-shelf product.

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