Aspen Expands Green Initiative in Partnership with King Ranch

Coffee Compost Promotes Healthy SoilAnyone with a love of both coffee and gardening soon finds out that used coffee grounds make a great compost material. For many years, the Aspen Beverage sustainability division, GeoJava, has partnered with local San Antonio landscaping companies to repurpose used coffee grounds for use on lawns, golf courses, and in potted plant operations.

This year, Aspen has taken our environmentally friendly activities to the next level by partnering with King Ranch Turf Grass Gonzales Division and Texas A&M University. With the opening of Aspen’s new Gonzales plant, Aspen is generating even more spent grounds. The partnership was convenient in terms of location and quantity of material.

In addition to the partnership with King Ranch, the Agriculture Department at Texas A&M University has gotten involved with GeoJava to study the effects of these coffee top dressing efforts on sustainable turf grass management. GeoJava’s goal is to turn a waste stream (spent coffee grounds) into a sustainable, renewable, all-natural alternative for the horticulture industry.

GeoJava, Aspen's sustainability armFor more information on GeoJava and the work being done with King Ranch Turf Grass and Texas A&M, contact GeoJava and Aspen Beverage Group at (800) 493-9924 or by email at

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