Aspen’s environmentally friendly manufacturing accomplishments

Annual reduction of 52,000 lbs of materials

On an annual basis this single initiative means:

  • We will use, ship and dispose of 4,000 fewer pounds of cardboard
  • We will use, ship and dispose of 48,000 fewer pounds of plastic (Total reduction is about 48,000 lbs. per year based on 60,000 cases per year)


Annual reduction of waste stream volume by 22,000 cubic feet (about 800 cubic yards)

Aspen’s products require 40% less storage

Our improved package design for each case of product has a decreased footprint. This improvement benefits our business, our customers and the environment. By reducing the amount and type of packaging materials, Aspen and our customers are able to store more in less space. In one instance up to 40% less space is needed for the same amount of product.

Aspen’s spent coffee grinds are used as compost

For several years Aspen has partnered with a local landscaping company to recycle spent coffee grinds as compost. This initiative is one of many that have resulted in less waste being disposed of in local landfills reducing the amount of landfill gas emissions.

Aspen practices environmentally friendly housekeeping

Aspen Beverage Group is also a proponent of reusing, repurposing and refurbishing of equipment. We recycle paper based waste, and our facility uses low energy lighting.

Aspen Beverage drastically reduced the amount of
plastic & cardboard by our improved package design,
and thus decreasing the quantity being disposed of in landfills nationwide.


Aspen became organic certified in 2009.

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