Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

Next to being a SQF-Certified company,  Aspen Beverage Group is an environmentally friendly manufacturing company as well. Aspen delivers liquid coffee concentrates and liquid coffee extracts according to regulatory, international and scientifically proven standards for safety, meanwhile succeeding to do so in an environmental friendly and sustainable way.

Aspen’s environmentally friendly initiativesGreen-leaf

To produce environmentally friendly, Aspen is working together with GeoJava to not only protect the environment by eliminating tonnage from the solid waste stream, but to actually create value by finding the highest and best uses for spent coffee grounds. GeoJava coordinates research and development, field studies, transportation, and downstream processing. Activities include composting, turf grass topdressing, agricultural applications, peat replacement (for soil acidification) and studies to determine effectiveness as a growth accelerator and natural pre-emergent for weed control.

Aspen’s environmentally friendly manufacturing initiatives are focused on coffee composting, taking coffee out of landfills & furnaces for repurpose, and producing 100% natural organic fertilizer and soil acidifier.

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Environmentally Friendly
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