Aspen Iced Coffee Concentrates

Our mixes for Iced Coffee Concentrates, sold under the name Aspen Ice® Coffee Concentrates, are the highest quality mixes on the market. Our proprietary recipes use the finest coffees and flavorings to create a smooth and creamy Iced Coffee Beverage every time. Each flavor is designed to perform as a single ingredient mix creating a delicious drink with a consistent flavor profile.

Why should you consider our Iced Coffee Concentrates?

The frozen coffee market is gaining popularity by increasing sales & profit margins, providing convenience, and giving customers a cool & refreshing beverage solution. With over 20 years experience in custom beverage solutions, Aspen can help you gain access to this growing market. The 2012 Crest Foodservice Market Research (NPD) Study shows frozen drinks were one of the 3 fastest growing beverages in the food service industry – iced coffee/slushie being the top climber.

Green-leafIced Coffee is growing because it fills a specific need for consumers: it avoids the craving of a specific flavor, it quenches thirst, and it gives an energy boost. According to NPD data, 98% of the iced coffee servings in food service from January 2012 to March 2013 were made at quick serve establishments, which include c-stores.

What are you offering your customers?

Consider a frozen coffee solution today!

The benefits of our Iced Coffee Concentrates are numerous.

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