Aspen Liquid Tea Concentrate

Aspen Liquid Tea Concentrate has a clean, crisp and refreshing brewed flavor. You no longer have to sacrifice quality for convenience. Your customers will love the great, bold, home-brewed tea flavor of Aspen Iced Tea Concentrates and operators will enjoy the convenience and simplicity of a Bag-In-Box delivery system the concentrate is delivered in.

There will be no more interruptions during peak hours to brew or to move bulky tea urns. There will be no more wasted energy brewing and cooling. Just connect the system to a water line and you’re in business — delivering glass after glass of this delicious refreshment.


Aspen Liquid Tea Concentrate is brewed from the finest teas available. You will enjoy a real “Fresh Brewed” flavor in every glass.

Aspen Liquid Tea Concentrate use high mix ratios which mean more sales with less work.

Aspen Liquid Tea Concentrate is shelf–stable so no refrigeration required before or after opening.

Aspen Liquid Tea Concentrate is certified Kosher.

You really have to try it to believe it!

Our Liquid Tea Concentrates are manufactured in five flavors, each flavor with unique characteristics.

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