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Aspen Wins Central Texas ACG Growth Award

ACG AwardAspen Beverage Group is honored to be recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Central Texas!

On June 8, Chad McNair accepted the award on behalf of the company highlighting that over the past three years, Aspen has been growing at a phenomenal rate. With a focus on innovation and consistency in our products from the beginning, Aspen is standing on a solid foundation for growth for years to come. We’ve been privileged to be able to expand from one building to soon-to-be three manufacturing facilities. We are proud of our customers as well who we’ve been able to partner with to deliver industry-defining products in foodservice and retail.

To illustrate how Aspen has been able to grow without using any external financing, in just the past 12 months Aspen has increased our manufacturing footprint by 300%, doubled the size of our workforce, and built innovative new ways of producing quality products at a brand new scale. We look forward to helping our partners grow even more in the upcoming years and becoming even more of a leader in both liquid coffee and cold brew.

Get Ready for the Biggest Cold Brew Season Ever

Aspen’s cold brew is great on its own or with milk

With summer arriving and the weather heating up again, consumers are on the lookout for their chilled beverages of choice. Every day more people are discovering cold brew coffee, and demand shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. From small, independent coffee shops to the largest coffee names in the industry, everyone is working to get a cold brew coffee added to their menu. Cold brew adoption is quickly accelerating past the specialty coffee consumer into the mass market.

Cold Brew vs Iced Coffee

Extract and bottle your own cold brew all in one place

Extract and bottle your own cold brew all in one place

While standard iced coffee remains popular with consumers, it takes some dedicated work to produce a quality iced coffee consistently. For many, it’s just not practical to do so, which leads to the highly acidic, unpleasant iced coffees many people have experienced. Cold brew on the other hand takes time, but it solves that problem by providing a smooth, sweet taste with low acidity and a sweeter taste. Even better than that, cold brew lends itself well to creating large batches that can be stored and used when required. This makes it a win-win for the business and the consumer. The downside to cold brew is that a store needs to be able to anticipate demand a day in advance, since it takes at least 12-20 hours to brew; and if batches are inconsistent, that can sour customers’ perception. But this is where Aspen’s cold brew concentrate can make an incredible difference.

Total Convenience

Getting a cold brew to your customers doesn’t have to be a process. Aspen has spent years perfecting a cold brew recipe that makes a smooth iced beverage every time. Whether you want a cold brew concentrate to add to your food service lineup or a ready-to-drink bottle in grocery stores and convenience stores, Aspen’s cold brew can get you there immediately with a delicious, off-the-shelf product.

Contact us to learn more about how Aspen can get you up and running with a smooth, refreshing cold brew coffee today.

Three Surprises When Starting a Liquid Coffee Program

In today’s work environment, providing coffee is almost as important as a working internet connection. There are a number of ways to deliver coffee to employees, but for situations that call for high volume in short amounts of time, a liquid coffee program makes the most sense. lots-of-coffee-cupsHowever, there may be a few surprises that come up along the way while implementing a liquid coffee setup. Here are three in particular that might sneak up.

Equipment can come with the coffee

Like any good piece of office equipment, a liquid coffee machine could cost a pretty penny up front to get started. If you’re planning on purchasing the machine on its own, that could be a deal-breaker. But because of the different ways liquid coffee can save money throughout the process, it’s fairly easy to make room for equipment pricing and maintenance agreements in your orders at a rate that makes sense for each party involved. In fact, sometimes just accounting for the coffee that’s poured down the drain could be enough to offset the cost of equipment!

Learning a new system

If you’ve never worked with a liquid coffee machine, it might look a bit daunting to restock and get everything ready to go again. But once it’s been done a few times, it becomes incredibly easy to deliver a high volume of consistent, quality coffee. No more worrying about ratios, hours-old pots of burnt coffee, or having to make a new batch every few minutes during coffee breaks. The only trick is to make sure the lines stay cleaned to ensure the best taste, but with a 15-minute process every 500 cups the time savings will be noticeable to say the least.

Dealing with waste (or lack of it)

Arguably the most valuable benefit of liquid coffee, these on-demand coffee systems virtually eliminate waste. Sending coffee grounds down the drain can cause costly plumbing issues, and cleaning or disposing of coffee, filters, and containers can fill up a trash can in a hurry if volume is high. Imagine simply recycling an empty liquid coffee bag every 500 cups instead and having the grounds used as an organic fertilizer! So liquid coffee excels in reducing waste not only in cost, which may be the first appealing note, but also in time and trash. Getting all three of these benefits working together makes for a compelling story, especially when the quality of the coffee is high.

Learn more about the high quality liquid coffees that Aspen has been providing to workplaces and high-traffic coffee spaces across the country. With a taste profile designed to match roast and ground coffee, you may be surprised at how great liquid coffee can be.

Aspen Expands Green Initiative in Partnership with King Ranch

Coffee Compost Promotes Healthy SoilAnyone with a love of both coffee and gardening soon finds out that used coffee grounds make a great compost material. For many years, the Aspen Beverage sustainability division, GeoJava, has partnered with local San Antonio landscaping companies to repurpose used coffee grounds for use on lawns, golf courses, and in potted plant operations.

This year, Aspen has taken our environmentally friendly activities to the next level by partnering with King Ranch Turf Grass Gonzales Division and Texas A&M University. With the opening of Aspen’s new Gonzales plant, Aspen is generating even more spent grounds. The partnership was convenient in terms of location and quantity of material.

In addition to the partnership with King Ranch, the Agriculture Department at Texas A&M University has gotten involved with GeoJava to study the effects of these coffee top dressing efforts on sustainable turf grass management. GeoJava’s goal is to turn a waste stream (spent coffee grounds) into a sustainable, renewable, all-natural alternative for the horticulture industry.

GeoJava, Aspen's sustainability armFor more information on GeoJava and the work being done with King Ranch Turf Grass and Texas A&M, contact GeoJava and Aspen Beverage Group at (800) 493-9924 or by email at

Aspen Opens New Location in Gonzales, TX

The year 2015 has been a milestone year for Aspen Beverage Group. We have seen growth in all major product lines and we continue to get great feedback from consumers. The biggest demand has been in the Cold Brew Coffee space where we’ve seen great traction.

The entire category is growing rapidly and as a result, Aspen has opened a new location in Gonzales, TX dedicated to providing the market with exceptional Cold Brew Coffee. “With the increased opportunity in Cold Brew, it was important for us to have a facility that gave us the capacity to meet this enormous demand,” says Chad McNair, CEO of Aspen Beverage.

The new Gonzales plant is overseen by Robert Lee who brings decades of food and beverage manufacturing experience to Aspen. Mark Nash, VP of Manufacturing at Aspen Beverage, praised the Gonzales team’s work saying, “Robert and his group have done a great job getting this new facility up and running. This is a big step for Aspen. We’re impressed with how they’ve taken ownership and brought production online.”

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